Website Accessibility

Website accessibility isn’t just something to pay attention to because the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says you should. In many ways, an accessible website helps your business grow.

Financially: 1 in 5 people using the Internet is living with one or more disabilities. If they can’t access your site, they can’t access your products/services.

Socially: Social media outlets are the main channel where people vent their frustrations. Why risk getting a bad reputation over an inaccessible website?

Technically: An accessible website often means that code is “cleaned up,” which helps improve SEO results.

SK Advertising has been helping companies like yours prioritize digital accessibility by evaluating, auditing and remediating their websites. This provides everything a credit union needs to reach and maintain digital accessibility.

We've created a WEBSITE ACCESSIBILITY CHECKLIST to help you better understand what to look for in an accessibility solution and what you need to consider as part of the implementation.