What’s Missing in Your Social Media Strategy?

If you aren't engaging with members through social media, you're missing out on a big opportunity.  It’s not just about directing more people to your website: many credit unions have found success with connecting with members on a personal basis.

Although most credit unions will acknowledge that social media is a growing benefit to their business, many struggle to maintain a successful social media strategy.

Part of this struggle is due to old ways of thinking being applied in the social media environment.  Traditional, conventional advertising that relies on information blasts and outdated calls-to-action rarely work on social platforms like Twitter, facebook and Pinterest.

Instead, focus on contributing to the social conversation and providing value in the content you share. Post useful information about the banking industry or related stories, with details about your loan products or interest rates peppered in only occasionally.

Your content should read like an easy conversation rather than a self-serving advertisement.

The focus of your social media strategy should be your members, not your marketing agenda. When followers trust your brand's social media presence as a resource, they'll be more likely to listen, and take action, when you present them with a product or service.