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What makes an agency stand out in today’s world? 

Longevity? We’ve been around for forty-six years and have seen a lot of changes in our industry. Some good, some not so good. Creativity? We’ve worked with companies and brands from national to local, as you’ll see in the next few pages. Service? This is possibly the biggest key to our success: service. We are there when you need us and your project is done when you need it.

Your days are packed full of deadlines, meetings and other important business stuff. We’ll take some of it off your plate while making you look good. Give us a call to see what we can do for you, your team, and your company.

SK Advertising+Design is a graphic design agency based in Pottstown, PA. We have 46 years of experience in advertising, branding, package design, print and website design, SEO & SEM and can take your project from concept through completion. Our process of creating successful communication can be applied to a variety of mediums. No matter what final form a design takes, SK Advertising+Design delivers the highest standard of quality and value in all of its projects.