Packaging Design Trends for 2018

Package design continues to develop in 2018 to meet customers changing needs and desires. Graphic artist and engineers are now gearing to meet these new challenges. Packaging plays a critical role in reducing product waste, and brands are going for materials with a much smaller natural footprint going light and flexible, to healthier foods and clean labeling.

1. Simplicity

Uncluttered, clear and concise package messaging showcases products in the already crowded retail space. We expect to see even the older and more traditional brands adopt a more modern style, conveying the most relevant information instantly with a careful use of white space and colors. This minimalist approach

2. Big Fonts

Big type can send a clear direct message about the product and its main information. Words are a great way to get creative; a clear message will work as long as it is bold and easy to read. Combined with a clever choice of colors or photos your product will surely make a splash!

3. Pastel Colors

There will always be designs for both masculine and feminine styles, but the feminine look is making a comeback in 2018. Soothing, soft designs featuring pastels and gentler fonts are a welcome visual relief from the bold colors and fonts that have been seen in past years.

4. Unusual materials and shapes

Unusual materials and shapes in packaging design repeatedly grab attention, turning your juice can into a bamboo carton or your raisin package into a tree stump amuses and often suggests a high-end product without ever revealing anything about the product inside.

5.Doodle Design

Graphic artists like most of us like to doodle. Most of their hand-drawn art looks like it took no time, but it takes a rigorous effort to design packaging that looks ‘doodled’ and childlike. 

This is a style of package design appeals to everyone because we all doodle, and we were all children once and can stir up fond memories.

Packaging trends are created from a collaboration between the new and the old, between the controlled and the freestyle. As long as we keep pushing boundaries and innovation creative new packaging will continue to exist.