Product Development

Chocolate Bunny

Taking the idea to the next level. Your thoughts on paper look good but, now what? SK Advertising+Design can bring your product or package concept to life. From a new candy mold or clamshell to the mechanical workings of a NASCAR Candy Dispenser. We currently work with several companies as an extension of there product development team or as the team itself.

Need a prototype of a new product? Development for a licensed product? Industrial design and engineering for a new concept? Our partnership with one of the nations leading prototyping companies allows us to expand the technical aspect of the design.

Design - great aesthetics...great functionality.

Model making - products of distinction...ingenious mechanisms.

Sculpting - experts in tooling, engineering and artistry.

Engineering - brilliant science...proven experience.

Electronics - dedicated in-house Electronics Lab.

Mechanical - animation & robotics creative wizardry...vivid characters.

Sample - fabrication top quality samples to power your sales.

Manufacturing - management assistance in moving you forward.

Product Development Capabilities

  • Concepts Ideas
  • Model Making
  • Sculpting
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Animation/Robotics
  • Sample Fabrication
  • Manufacturing Management